Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My kids are weirdos.

-I don't know why all of my offspring have been inexhaustible in their search for creative cart sitting solutions:
A rebel, that one.
-So Dan does this thing with the kids where he leans in and they touch forehead to forehead, and then nose to nose.  It's adorable and sweet:
And they do it to each other, which is also adorable and sweet....and a little more, um, life threatening. 
So far no noses have been broken, so I just sit back and admire the family love fest.
-Today I was sitting at the table eating my lunch while the kids played quietly in the family room.
Too quietly.
Caught him red handed.
He stole my frozen tube of ground beef right off of the counter and was smashing/beating it on the floor in a manner so stealthy I was truly impressed. 
If our meatballs and garlic bread are a little sub-par tonight, it's all on him, man.

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