Sunday, November 25, 2012

So Payne turned four.

And I'm such an exceptional parent that all I have to remember the day by are grainy cell phone pics:

Posing with his birthday gift from us.
Post mortem pic of the cake. Oops.
I think four is going to be totally awesome: 
He is so big. So big.
He can follow directions and has opinions and plays with his toys using little made up voices and personal plot lines....I love it.
He says socially appropriate things like "No 'dank you" and "Ahwiiiight. 'Dat's fiiiiine" in perfect mimicry of a certain person who sometimes get's exasperated with her offspring.
He loves his sister. In that special "No one can hit her but me." brother way.  They laugh hysterically at one another daily.
Oh, and he goes to two schools; Preschool and Sunday school. However, he insists that they are Thursday school and Sunday school.  Preschool on Tuesdays is still Thursday school, and don't try to tell him otherwise.
He completely sabotaged 80% of our family photos the other day, though. It was bad. I mean, he was outperformed by a 15 month old.... He has developed the dreaded young child "cheese face".
I love him so much.  This is going to be a good year!

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