Monday, November 26, 2012

I believe I am the anti-mompetitor.

Mompetitor = Mom competitor.

Damn. It loses all humour once explained.

Annnyway, what I'm saying is I have ZERO Mom pride. Heh heh.

Exhibit A:


- Hair bow ripped out as usual.
- Standing in a booth
- Booth is located within a McDonalds within a Wal-Mart (somehow that strikes me as extra bad, like Wal-Mart nuggets have a second helping of preservatives or something)
- Drinking chocolate milk
- Eating nuggets and fries.
Oh, and while I was taking this photo Payne was telling me he had to go potty and I was saying "You can go potty after you finish your nuggets".
We were sort of camping within Wal-Mart while my car was having the tires balanced.  Ok, you could live for awhile in Wal-Mart. Rip a few of the display play equipment thingies off of the walls in the toy section and my kids would be happy for a minimum of three days.

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