Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm at a bit of a loss.

I walked into Payne's room to get him up from a nap.

The room was empty.

I looked left. I looked right.

I looked up. I looked down.

I looked in all of the corners.

No Payne.

I called out his name and got no answer.

As I was beginning to panic and think that it might possibly have been wise to take a gander at one of those "bad people in your area" maps, I thought to check one more place:

Yes. I found him in his freaking toy box. (Note the pillow for comfort)

 He was very relaxed.

 He said he took his nap in there.

 Gosh, guys. I just noticed I'm SUPER low on garlic. Gotta go get a couple of cartfuls at good old H.E.B. And maybe I'll lift a gallon or two of holy water from mass this week.

 No reason. Why do you ask?

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