Sunday, February 13, 2011

The evolution of Mommy.

I've been summoned by quite a few names since Payne started verbalizing his needs.

The first was "Da!", generally screamed from his crib and roughly translated to "Nearest competent adult! I'm in need of assistance!"

Then came "Ma!". Hooray! He loves me and put forth the supreme effort of the "mm" sound to tell me so!

"Mom Mom" followed, which I loved. The most frequently uttered phrase for awhile was "Dee doo Mom Mom" meaning "Here you go Mom". It was cute enough that I didn't mind I was constantly being handed crumbs, shreds of paper, or bits of dog toy stuffing.

Now I've graduated to "Mommy" (throws cap in air), but Payne says it more like "Mah-mee!". I generally like it, but I had my first experience with what Dan and I call the "Lois" (Family Guy Reference. Sorry Mom.).

Payne: " Mah-me! Mah-me! Mah-me!....Maaaaah-me! Maaaah-me! Maaaaah-meeeeee!"

Me: "WHAT! What is it Payne?!"

Payne: "Um"....(profuse gibberish)

Since alcohol is out, this may drive me to increased consumption of caffeine and artificial sweeteners. It's a good thing he's cute.

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