Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From the frying pan into the fire.

We recently took on the challenge of separating Payne from his beloved "nigh nighs". It broke our hearts to remove his most treasured comfort object, but his dentist said his bite was being affected by sucking on them in his sleep.

In a state of complete dread, we began "Operation Blanket Removal". The first 24 hours were tough, but we held fast. Surprisingly, it only took about two days for him to adjust. The slight issue comes in with HOW he adjusted.

Meet Payne's minions:

Now, Piggy and Puppy we're all familiar with. The newly aquired members of the gang are Bear, Giraffe, and Bunny (bunny was at his Grandparent's house during the photo shoot). I guess Payne is reinforcing the ranks to, um, strengthen his defenses against the forces of nightime evil? Now that the all powerful blanket shield is gone, proper adjustments in the line of defense must be made!

He sleeps with them all, and it's a struggle to get him to leave the house without the entire gang. He carries them smushed together, with his arms wringing all of their little necks. Poor souls.

If he starts sucking on them at night I may have to be committed.

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