Thursday, February 10, 2011

Funny stuff of the day.

Today Payne and I stayed in for the most part. It's cold and I wasn't feeling motivated to run around, so I had a cleaning day instead.

What is a boy to do when his Mom is vacuuming and he doesn't have a mini-vacuum? Why, a golf bag looks strikingly similar...

Yep. He followed me around the entire house "vacuuming" right behind me. He even knows to yell at the dogs to be quiet throughout the process. They enjoy barking at and occasionally attempting to bite the vacuum. Payne was periodically stopping his vacuum and yelling "Dewwa! Eddow! Noooo!". I'm such an awesome role model.

I was folding laundry and Payne was puttering around. He stopped for a second to look in on me, saw I was folding a receiving blanket, gasped loudly and said in what can only be described as a tone of complete reverence "nigh nigh!". Little addict.

We went on a short trip to the grocery store and I saw a coloring book based on his favorite cartoon (Dinosaur Train), so I grabbed it. He was looking at it as we left the store and pointed at one of the Pterosaurs on the main cover and said "Tiny!". Um, that's the very specific name of that very specific character! There are FIVE of them on the show and they all look almost exactly the same! So, err, how early can one qualify for MENSA membership? (cough, cough).

I end this disorganized post with a random photo. Ta-Da!

A Tupperware top hat? Awesome! Or, as Payne would say "D'ass coo!"

See ya later!

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