Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh My Cute...

Is there anything more adorable than two pajama'd toddler boys immensely enjoying the company of one another, while sharing two identical stuffed rabbits?

I think not.

Right before this they were pointing out the different designs on their jammies to each other. I died.

The "artfully distressed" rabbit is the one J.P. loves the most. Go figure.

Why did we not better capture the cuteness, you ask? Well, as Dan so aptly put it: Getting a photo of two busy little boys that are hopped up on Super Bowl junk food in which both are looking at the camera and no one is moving at mach 5 speed to blur the image, is the domestic equivalent of getting video footage of the rare snow leopard taking down a mountain goat...in a blizzard.

I'm dedicated, but not so dedicated as to camp out in Aimee and Jason's living room for months, living on freeze dried chili, while aiming my camera at all juvenile life form activity from behind a potted plant.

I'll happily take my blurry memento of these two buddies. They were so much fun to watch!

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