Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm not going to lie.

Sometimes my child creeps me out a little bit.

I have no idea if this is a universal thing, or if I'm just particularly ill prepared to deal with mini-people, but occasionally he scares me a little.

Normally it's when he does something particularly precocious.

When Payne was a little baby, he'd crawled down the hall once, and I yelled his name. He promptly whirled around and shot me a huge, completely socially appropriate grin. It was all "Heyyyy! I'm awesome!". I mean, he could have given me a thumbs up and it wouldn't have looked out of place. I didn't react with warm fuzzy Mom feelings, but rather was sort of repelled. It seemed too adult. It was creepy. I mean, how would you feel if you walked up to a puppy and it looked you square in the eye and gave you a firm handshake? Come on now.

I remember when Payne first started walking, seeing him toddle through a room out of the corner of my eye gave me the that sort of hackles raised feeling. Perhaps it was the stilted gait of it, or the fact that I went from having a relatively immobile baby (which makes them seem sort of sub-human) to having someone who could easily traverse larger distances. I dunno. It REALLY gave me chills when I didn't know he was a in a room, walked by it, and saw him wandering through it. I think I may be the freak here. heh heh.

The most recent "my kid is creepy" incident happened this morning. I went to get him out of his room, and found this:

So, apparently, sometime in the middle of the night, my child got up, procured some books, and shoved them under his door. The behavior of a future sociopath? Likely not. However, thinking about how I would have reacted if I'd been standing near his door when this happened got me all creepy feeling. Seeing a book suddenly slide under the door of a child who you had previously assumed was sleeping is freaky...and a little "Jurassic Park Velociraptors" if you know what I mean. Also, I feel like I should get him a little tin cup to drag across his walls. I'm NOT getting him a mirror. The last thing I need is that sliding under the door at 7 a.m. (shudder).

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