Saturday, February 19, 2011

I love the zoo.

I mean, like, I kid love the zoo. I mostly use my son as an excuse to go, and I about jumped off of the couch in an expression of pure joy when we recieved a family membership to the zoo for Christmas.

The weather was FINALLY good enough to go when we were free, so off we went.

He's actually old enough to climb the zoo fence now! He quickly got frustrated, though, and his Dad "howped" him out.

They spent 90% of the rest of the day like this: Bless sweet Dan (and his back).

I love them. Payne was totally into it. He kept leaning down to talk to Dan about what they were looking at (read: screaming directly into Dan's left ear).

Payne observed lots of "Mon-ees" (monkeys).

Oh, and yes, Payne has had several Batman shirts and is wearing one in these photos. I'm sort of obsessed, and have my own shirt as well. Unfortunately, I can't model in that oh so appealing " Mother and Son Twinsies!" way because mine doesn't fit right now. Your loss!

Dan and I sitting while Payne ran himself ragged on the playground.

There's even a "wide"!

He's looking disgruntled here because the other kids were brushing goats, and woefully, he was on the wrong side of the fence to partake in the action. He made a break for it shortly thereafter, yelling "My bruss too!".

Ah, it was a good day with my boys.

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