Saturday, October 1, 2011

Manufacturing a good photo.

So I had the sudden realization today that my kids had matching outfits. Same color, same brand. Oh My Lord! How did I not realize this before? After this epiphany my entire goal in life shifted. I didn't have a good picture of both kids. I was going to get aforementioned picture, right this second.

Now, it was nap time so I decided to hold out on my plan until both were well rested. However, it quickly became apparent that neither child was planning on actually napping, so I thought "What the hey, I'll just bathe them early and put them in their clothes for church tonight. After pictures we'll try nap again.". Is anyone seeing a potential itsy bitsy flaw in my plan?

Attempt #1: I'd seen Dan use the bedroom to good effect in the afternoon light, so I gave it a shot.

Note to self: look at the background before you commit.

Attempt #2:


Aaand #3:

Crying baby, and nice pedicure!

I'd bribed Payne with candy and Genevieve was done for a bit, so we moved to the couch.

Ok, couch lighting not so good for photos, and Payne goes full zombie in front of t.v.

Moving to the office:

We've reached total melt down. Bwoop! Bwoop! Bwoop!

This session ended with me carrying Payne kicking and screaming into his room for another nap attempt.

Right before church we went outside to try again:

Err, not quite what I had in mind my little diva man.

This is good! This is....oh. Um, I'll be right back with something for that.

Perhaps reclining would be better for the lady's digestion:

Payne, I'll give you a sucker!

Oh my sweet baby Jesus:

We've got it!

(Strikes the Heisman Trophy pose)

(Trots a victory lap around the family room)


(Raises the roof)

It's Good!

I'm exhausted.

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