Monday, October 10, 2011


Genevieve has the same reaction whenever I stop her while she's eating in order to burp her:

"WAIT. Where did the milk go? Oh My God, is there no more milk?!"

Which quickly evolves into:

"Life isn't worth living! I shall end my days by means of throwing my head repeatedly against the shoulder of my torturer!"

Also, my kids wore some pretty awesome clothes today.

I wanted to save this for church, but she didn't go to church with me this week, and next week she's going in her baptismal gown, and who knows if she'll still fit into it in two weeks, so I decided it was Formalwear Monday:


But do you see the shoes? They're kind of hard to make out here. They looked adorable on the hanger at the store, but on her feet they appear sort of...geriatric. Maybe white leather t-straps paired with thick white socks have no choice but to look orthopedic in nature. Hmm.

Best shirt ever:

I promise he doesn't watch t.v. twenty four hours a day, its just that t.v. time is the only time I can grab a picture of him with something as slow as a camera phone. This kid is like a squirrel on a jackhammer.

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  1. I think it is awesome that you spotlight your cutie girl's outfits. I am certainly jealous and hope to someday follow in your footsteps. :) We watched "Over the Hedge" Today and your squirrel analogy reminded me of Hammy handing RJ the energy drink, "Here, I'm not supposed to have this." (HAHA)

    And as I checked out your daughter's outfits, my one year old sneaked off with my purse, to reappear sucking on a cough drop, yum.