Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today we were at a playground and a little boy, who happened to speak Spanish, befriended Payne. They were both in a bit of a wild (read "feral") mood, so at one point I had to go remind Payne to be gentle. After my speech Payne pointed to his new friend and introduced me by saying "Dis Ohwa. Dis my Ohwa."

Get it? Replace the "W" sounds with "L" sounds. Heh heh. I guess the other little boy was the first to say hello.

In other news, we're starting to lose the Beaker fluff. I suppose its good that Genevieve won't be bravely taking a straight iron to it at sixteen, but it still makes me a little sad to lose it. Right now she has an under layer of flat hair and a long over layer of the puffy hair, so when I brush it the short stuff helps to hold down the fluff. It definitely looks more tame, but at present it may or may not resemble a comb-over.

G's new look:

I guess she approves.

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