Thursday, October 6, 2011

Unassociated photos that I like.

The eccentricity of a three year old:

He begs to wear his hooded towels after he is dressed, so he can be "soo man" (super man). This one is actually a shark towel. On this particular evening he and Dan were watching "see wine" (sea lion) videos together all evening. I don't remember how this started.


I like how the Beaker fro caught the light here.

More eccentricity:

I hadn't heard anything. When I opened the door to get him up from his nap he popped out of that giant cardboard box at me. Lets all hope he wasn't actually riding the scooter while on the bed.

And some more of Madame Chubbers:

...and an inside out dachshund ear. Not so cute.

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