Thursday, October 20, 2011

Piggy Regresses.

I feel like Piggy was once regarded as a type of peer, but since Little Sister came to be, it seems that Payne has morphed him into a baby. And really, I should be typing Piggi now, since Payne has reassigned "his" gender to female.

Piggi gets wiped and diapered, shoved under Payne's shirt to "drink miowk" (yeeeaaah...), and burped. She spends time in the car and bouncy seats, gets her nose wiped. She's very sufficiently cared for swine.

Last night Payne decided she needed "a sirt", so off we went to Genevieve's closet.

I couldn't resist.

Payne very astutely pointed out "Kiggy wearing a kiggy sirt!". Hee.

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