Thursday, February 23, 2012

The last 24 hours.

Sibling snuggles:

These are pretty much my life blood at this point.

Pig Tails:

"If I eat the comb she'll be interested enough in avoiding further E.R. trips to avoid buying more combs, right? No combs = No more torture sessions. It's a plan."

Pig tail aftermath:

"Wait, what are we laughing at?"

If you didn't yell "CHEESY POOFS!!!" at the screen, you're a better person than myself.

And yes, that bib reads "My Mom is hotter than Your Mom". Dan bought it for her while I was still in the hospital after her birth, so the odds of that statement being correct were infinitesimally small...

And finally, my kid Lady GaGa'd me at Target. I'm dead serious.

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