Friday, February 3, 2012

A list of awesome things that happened today.

- When I finished getting Payne dressed this morning I said "Ok, now it's Genevieve's turn." and left her sitting on the rug next to Payne as I retrieved her clothes and diaper. I returned to see that Payne had carefully unsnapped the neck of her sleeper, unzipped it, had pulled one of her arms out of her pajamas and was gently working on the other one.

- Genevieve sneezed violently right as I touched a spoon full of baby food to her lips. You can guess the consequences.

- Payne asked to see my Dad's teeth and then announced "Gweat teeth Pappy!". He then asked to see my sister's teeth and responded by leaning over the table while brandishing a baby wipe, and trying to rub it on her teeth while saying "Here ooh go!". Ooooh. Diss!

- I had birthday cake backup:

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