Monday, February 20, 2012

Mr. Awesome.

Boring people simply unwrap and eat their fortune cookie.

Mr. Awesome constructs a fortune cookie system of transport:

(This is my new favorite shirt. An ant eater sucking up ants? Come on!)

Genevieve fell asleep on the floor and Payne wanted to join her "seepin":

Payne has a bit of an emptying/unrolling fixation right now, so he's been logging some hours in time out. Tonight he was chillin on the ottoman of shame for destroying a roll of paper towels and I told him that I needed him to stop pumping hand soap into thesink/unrolling toilet paper/wasting paper towels. He was appropriately contrite.

About five minutes later he said "Mommy, my deed you to dop putting me in time out."

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