Thursday, March 8, 2012

An afternoon in photos.

Since we've been home so much (by the way Payne is finally acting a little perkier again!) I've lost control of the nap situation. Without my "preserve Mommy's sanity" activity boot camp, Genevieve has been taking a morning nap and is often awake during Payne's. I'm ready to end this. Optimal development be damned, I need two hours to get my house together (read: stare blindly at the TV) every afternoon.

Soooo, during Payne's nap Genevieve happened to be rolling around the family room. She insisted on rolling to my shoes, over and over again. Like, I'd pry them out of her clammy little palms and throw them across the room. Thirty seconds later I'd hear giggling and shoe soles slapping the floor. Homegirl likes shoes. Well there's a shocker.

Payne still logged a lot of lounging hours today. I guess the couch gets old after awhile.

Payne was laying still and letting Baby Girl grab him and then they would both squeal and giggle.

I die:

Regardless of the time she demands it, and she DEMANDS it, Genevieve's night time bottle renders her comatose.

So comatose she stays asleep when I sit her up for burping. Heh.

I love letting her sleep on my shoulder for a bit right before bed. I know this is so very temporary. Soon she'll be a ball of energy, too big, and too aware of her own surroundings to sleep on her Mama.

We're headed for a busy weekend where Payne is going to make his first appearance as a ring bearer in a wedding. I'm terrified. Do you think I'd be allowed to project Finding Nemo onto the wall of the chapel right behind the officiant? Let's hope the ring pillow doesn't inspire some sort of battleshield fantasy, or the flower girl may suffer...

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