Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few things from a few days.

Just another Sunday afternoon...

Payne has been really into dress up lately, and Genevieve recieved a kind of awesome purple explosion from a friend for her birthday.

Well, Payne found it in the dress up box and it had to be put on her RIGHT THAT SECOND.

He was sooooo pleased with the result.

She's worse than a dachshund:
Homegirl can eat.  Like, she regularly eats two eggs with cheese, and milk, and half a banana or something for breakfast.  It's kind of alarming.  And then when its time for me to eat (I just can't do pancakes and sausage at 6 am like some people insist upon) she begs under the table...in the manner of a really coordinated puppy.

She is also a babble machine these days. Today she has been crawling around the house chattering "wd-w-wd-w-wd-w". So freaking cute!

Payne runs everywhere.  This isn't news.
However, in this case he was running back to his seat from the splashpad at a baseball game. He was completely soaked.  His cargo shorts were flinging little arcs of water at innocent bystanders, and he was SO HAPPY.  I want to be one of my own kids when I grow up.

Oh, and Payne sniffs out.  Like, if you ask him to smell something he will go over to it and blow air from his nose AT it.  You can guess that there is a sort of inherent hazard involved for the subject of the "sniffing". For some reason both Dan and I find this hilarious, and you can safely bet I've asked Payne to go smell Daddy just for kicks. 

Awww, look at the pretty baby in the pretty dre..... 
(eyes bug out of head)

I can promise that no babies were harmed in making of this post.

I cannot promise the same about big brothers.

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