Friday, August 3, 2012

There's something that happens at one.

I love toddlers. I cannot get enough of kids from the age of one to two. I feel like babies go from loveable little sub humans to the world's most charming people after that first birthday.

Genevieve has arrived. New habits that have shown up in the last week:

- She likes to verrrry carefully put a piece of food in your hand at meal times, sit back to admire her artistic placement of a chunk of scrambled egg in your palm, grin, and take it back with a flourish.

- When she is addressed, she will listen carefully, wait until the speaker is done talking, make eye contact, and carefully respond with a sage "dah".

- Nothing in life pleases her more than being imitated. If she sticks out her arm, and I do the same, she gets impossibly smug.

- This morning she wandered off to her room, by herself, to play. If life had a soundtrack, this development would have been immediately followed by the Halleluiah Chorus.

- When pleased, she does the happy dance.  She bobs her head and whole torso up and down over and over again, like a wee little bird of paradise.

"Hi. I'm a charming individual. So much so, that Ma doesn't really mind scraping leftover banana out of my hair" Honestly, I think the appeal is that one year olds are social creatures with the ultimate bonus of not yet having the ability to argue. Ha.

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