Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dan really "wrote" this post.

So we went to the beach last week. My parents very generously rented a condo in Florida and invited lots of family to come:

Dan took every photo we have from the trip, so it appears that he doesn't exist in this post.  I really need to get on the project of recording him for posterity.

Genevieve relentlessly pursues my father. He might want to look into a restraining order soon.

Keeping her happy at the beach involved lots and lots of crackers. Sandy, sandy crackers.

"Wanna play some "touch" football?"

We had a really terrible view and lighting.

Which Dan used to take some pretty ok photos.

Ok, I lied. They were baby bubble beach sunset freaking magic.

"Dude! Pelicans!"

Payne begged me to "firate pight" with bubble wand "swords" continuously.

Pirate? Fencer? Jedi? Who knows.

Sunset bubble magic became a nightly ritual.

I feel like he needs somebody to knight.

Payne pursued playmates on the lawn with a sort of predatory focus.  At one point he walked up to the open back door of the neighboring condo and yelled "Hey guys! You come play wit me!" at the kids inside...who I'm pretty sure were in the middle of breakfast.

Genevieve and her slave.

Truer words were never appliqued...

Our last beach morning.
"Hey Ma. Old guy in speedo at twelve o'clock."
Thank you wonderful husband, for recording our babies while they're still babies, and doing it so beautifully.


  1. you're a LOT nicer to look at anyway.


  2. Oh my goodness, the ones of Payne lifting the bubble blower to the sky and the ones of Genevieve in the grass are beautiful. Frame them!

  3. Meh, no one wants to see Dan anyway :) These pics are great! He must have a REALLY nice camera! lol

  4. These are fantastic pics but your commentary makes them even that more awesome. What great memories from your vacation.