Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School tiiiiiiime!

Sid the science kid? Anyone? No?
So Payne started preschool today! Yaaaaay!
We are psyched for school with our snazzy tiger back pack.
(and skateboarding hot dog shirt, because I live to make a good impression?)
"Ooh look. Dirt!"
And then we get there and this is the most enthusiastic he got:

I was the mom with the clingy screaming kid. The one who hung out in the hallway to make sure he was ok and got very nicely shoo'd away by the teacher's aid.

Then I went to go pick him up and he was in a HORRIFIC mood.  He told me they had animal crackers for a snack, he was nice to the other kids, he didn't listen, and the teacher was "bad" (i.e. didn't take his crap). 


Let's hope the little rebel decides to play the game.  If not, he has a loooong 15 years ahead of him.

On a lighter note, this is Ethel's "WTF, man." face:
She's pretty sure that robot puppy barked something obscene and offensive.
I wont be surprised when I find it reduced to tufts of synthetic fur evenly distributed about the house.
I got Genevieve the best shoes ever...
(normally she is dressed, but it was lasagna night, and let's all admit that her nakedness makes this all the cuter)
That's right, baby moccassin booties, with double fringe, mind you.
Dan totally made fun of me and I'm not sorry.
These are fully awesome.  She is going to be cooler than me this winter.

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