Saturday, August 11, 2012

My heart grew three sizes this day.

We just got back from vacation, and while it was a great trip, and my family was a huge help, I was feeling the strain of parenting a bit.

Between having to plan and prepare snacks for every beachy occasion, plan trips outside according to weather, nap schedule, and the particular sun and sand tolerances of each child, and dealing with a teething baby that just. wanted. her. crib....let's just say that I was fantasizing about Dan catching a non life threatening yet convenient sterilizing side effect carrying case of mumps.

I also maybe thought about leaving the kids with the condo as a sort of farewell gift to the complex manager. There, I said it.

Then this morning, on the way to the airport, Payne addressed a fussy Genevieve with "Dohn cry Gen-veev! We bee d'ere soon". He also told her to "stop being cwazy". Plus.

And then Genevieve was that screaming baby on the airplane that the childless people thought "Why don't they just make that baby shut up. They're such lazy parents. My kids will be well behaved in public!" about. Minus.

And then we taught the baby to say "uh oh", so now she drops something, we say it, and she squeaks out "Dut-ohhhh". There is nothing more adorable than this. I don't care how many kitten photos you've seen on Facebook. Plus.

And the kicker, right before bed we were asking Genevieve where Daddy/Mommy/Payne was, and she would turn and look at the right person. Her most enthusiastic response by far was to Payne's name. Plus.

I'm officially glad I didn't give them away.

They may be 23 and 26 years old respectively before I consent to another family vacation, though.

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