Monday, August 20, 2012

I don't ask questions. I just take pictures.

Payne has recently taken on the role of Mama Bird:

He even yanks the food back when she tries to grab it and corrects her with "Uh-uh! Let my do it. D'ere you go."

Last night I got back from half a day to myself, and Payne met me at the door exclaiming "Mommy, you're back! I was so worried 'bout you, and then I ate pizza!".

Sometimes I worry about stuff too, son, and then I eat pizza. Mmm, pizza; the true opiate of the masses.

Yep. That's an ice cream sandwich, so he's probably ripe for canonization now.

(note that ice cream is apparently worth the effort of going en pointe. I have a feeling most ballerinas agree)

I have no idea:

I'm having deja-vu:

Also, she is going through a huge verbal developmental phase.  She says "Uh-oh" in context, and will wave and say "Bah" when we leave somewhere.  If you say "No" to her she often grins and shakes her head back and forth, and last night I was trying to teach her "yes" and she was smiling ear to ear while saying "esh".  Babies learning to speak are pretty much the cutest thing on the planet.

Payne ate his lunch in the car after going to the pool the other day.

I snuck a look back on the way home, hoping he'd fallen asleep.

I found this instead:

They have so many toys.







Kitchen utensils.

Baby dolls.


And what "toy" do they fall in love with?


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  1. It took me a few minutes to figure out what that was. Hilarious!