Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another edition of Funny Stuff My Kid Said.

- This afternoon I was, um, clearing the backyard of biological refuse. Payne was following behind me saying "Dog poop....mo dog poop..." and, when confronted with what I suppose was a less than impressive sample, exclaimed " baby dog poop!". I'm thrilled to know someone enjoyed that chore.

- Everything size related is not "big, medium, or small", it's "Daddy, Mommy, or Baby". Today I was handed three leaves. The big leaf was "Daddy weef", the medium size leaf was "Mommy weef" and the little leaf was "Baby weef".

- Right before bed tonight we were talking about Baby Sister in Mommy's tummy, and I mentioned that she would come out eventually. Payne focused his gaze on my stomach, furrowed his little brow, and shouted "Baby come'ere!" while furiously motioning the "come here" sign with both hands, at my stomach. Ha!

Also, he insisted on going to dinner looking like this tonight:

He stole that super sexy hat from me. Harumph.

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