Sunday, April 3, 2011


So every March or April we take Payne out to Brenham to take his picture with the bluebonnets.

Year One:

(look at the little babyyyyy!)

Year Two:

(some super nice photography on the part of Dan)

Unfortunately this year Dan is out of town for quite awhile during prime bluebonnet season, so I asked my parents to take us up there for some photographs. Photographs taken by me. Dun dun dunnnnn.....

Year Three:

"Oh my gosh you finally let me out of the car!"

"Cliiiimb every mountaaaaain...."

"Foooord every streeeaaaam."

"Follow every hiiiighwaaaay!"

"tiiiiil youuuuu fiiiind yoooouuuur dreeeaaaam!"

(Payne with his beloved Pappy, or as he says "Paddy")

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  1. haha love Payne channeling Julie Andrews - super cute