Thursday, April 21, 2011

My kid's sunglasses are cooler than mine.

I mean really, the shape, the amount of reflection, the oh so cool expression of the wearer...I've been soundly beaten on all levels.

The other day was "I must wear my shades like Mommy" day. When mine were on, his were on. When mine were on top of my head, his were perched precariously on top of his (for some reason toddler size sunglasses aren't designed to fit over a head big enough for a 4 yr old. Hmm...). If they fell off there was a 5 alarm melt down until Payne's beloved "White-neen Queen gasses" (Lightning McQueen glasses) were restored to their original position.

I get the distinct impression that it's good to be Payne.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, if JP only knew there were "kachow" sunglasses out there I'm sure he'd have to have them. I don't know if this stems from his obsession with cars, but Lightning McQueen is in high demand these days at our house.