Saturday, April 16, 2011


This is how Payne says "Jesus".

We've tried to incorporate the little bit of religious instruction possible for a two year old into visits at church, prayers before meal time, etc...

It's paid off in a few ways:

a)He points and yells "Dee-dis!" at the crucifix in church. Rewarding, but a little embarrassing.

b)He genuflects (bows down on one knee) at the edge of the church pew. It's hilariously cute, even when he does it not quite aimed at the altar.

c)He calls the crucifix I wear "Mommy Dee-dis neck-uss".

d)I recently learned that my Mom sings "Jesus Loves Me" to him often, and he requests "Dee-dis" from her routinely. Awww...

I'm encouraged by our little successes, but his way of saying Jesus always makes me internally snicker, because it sounds like he's saying "Cheese-its" to me. I'm evil.

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