Monday, April 18, 2011

My life is one giant Mad Gab.

Payne in the car this morning: (Picks up spatula, puts it to his ear)

"Heh-whoa? Hi! How doo-ein?! Yah. I see gnee gnee. Big cuhks. I go gack, see Ed-doh and Deh-wah. Ok. Bye!"

Translation: (Payne picks up cell phone and presses the talk button)

"Hello? Oh hi! How are you doing this morning? Great, good to know! I'm on my way to my Grandmother's house. We just passed by some construction. When I go home this evening I'm going to hang out with my two miniature dachshunds Stella and Ethel. Cool. I'll talk to you later. Bye!"

When I was done laughing (and driving) I snapped a quick picture of the chatter box and his ispatula.

p.s. The spell check on this post was epic.

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