Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The best of Nuggette.

We attempted another 3D ultrasound session with Nugget today, and got nothing usable. Ha! She still likes to smash her face directly into the placenta, so getting images of her is really difficult. And, uh, she licked it twice in the twenty minutes we were watching her...not sure what to do with that little window into her preferred hobbies.

However, they did give us the digital copies of photos from our original session when I was 26 weeks along, so here are the sort of ok images from back then.

Yay! A cute little profile instead of a scary head on Skeletor picture!

Do you see her? I cropped it super tight so it's easier to figure out what you're supposed to be looking at. Her arm is pulled up by her face on the right.

Do you see the little smile?! Squee! She has her fist balled up on the right, next to her eye and cheek.

It was cool to see what little of her we could see again though. It's obvious that she's gotten chubbier over the last few weeks. We caught a glimpse of a little double chin this time. The images of her feet show her ankles and you can tell her legs are much thicker now. The 3D company offered for us to come back again when I'm around 34 weeks, so we may take them up on it.

Oh, and we've now been shown girl parts 4 times! Yay for a girl!

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  1. YAAAYY! These pictures are amazing! Congratulations, again!