Monday, May 23, 2011

I wonder if diapering is like breastfeeding.

You know, when they're old enough to really engage in conversation about it, they're probably too old to be participating in it?

(Warning, the following post content is a little gross)

This is what a diaper change sounds like in my household:

"Hi Mommy! Mine have poop. Get new biper? Get babe-ih wipes. All cween. Dere's my poop! (points to dirty diaper)Get biper cweam? Ahhh...biper cweam (yes, he actually sighs in happiness), over dare. Right dare. Yeah. New biper? Put new biper right dare. (points to butt) Yaaayyy! Mine all cween! Yay Mommy! Frow biper 'way? Mommy go gobbage can..."

Hmm...I'm terrified of potty training though. I think I'll just amuse/horrify all passers by in public restrooms for a bit longer.

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