Friday, May 6, 2011


One of my "when I'm a grown up" goals in life was to get a kind size bed.

I plotted mightily and insisted my husband's back issues were due to our not super firm queen sized mattress.

I convinced him we could just get the new mattress at first, and be in no hurry to get a new frame. We got the mattress.

When we got our tax return I brought up the possibility of a new frame in an oh so coy manner.

When shopping for frames, I lamented that I wouldn't be able to trust the finish quality of anything but a bed from my favorite furniture brand. We got the frame.

I then brought up that the new bed would look so much better with a new duvet and cover, instead of our dry clean only comforter. I got the bedding.

Then I mused (out loud) how lovely our bedroom would look with something other than resale beige on the walls. My husband painted it for me.

While my husband was still exhausted from painting, and thus perhaps not at his most contrary, I suggested rearranging the furniture a bit...

(Here is where I admit that my husband knew EXACTLY what I was doing each and every step of the way, and I was fooling no one.)

In short, we went from the bedroom below (king size mattress here, no bed yet) which I like to call "dorm room with a nice dresser"...

(The lump O stuff on the floor is the girl's bedding)

to THIS! The bed frame, my beloved last piece of the puzzle, was delivered today!

(The thing you can barely see off to the left is a lingerie chest Dan uses as a night stand)

(Sorry for the rumpled pillows. Payne had already tested everything out for me)

(Yes, in my joy to use my new shams I put the king sized covers on standard pillows and folded the extra over.)

I have a GROWN UP room now! Hurrah!

Oh, and Payne will be forevermore exiled from our bedroom, because I know the first thing he'll do when unsupervised for three seconds is spike matchbox cars into the headboard...or something equally horrific.

Sorry Son. You sealed your fate when you "cuhwerd" on my black dishwasher with a magnadoodle pen today, leaving permanent white scratches. I love you anyway, but dude.


  1. Love the room and the colors! Setting up our Errol was the FIRST thing I did when we moved into our house. Mind you, Austyn already had her new furniture, but it was my was of cementing my new status as a home owner and adult as well. Y'all did a great job!

  2. Looks amazing! I love the blue! And very grown up if I do say so.