Monday, May 16, 2011

The Second Child.

I've always heard that parents are less frantic about preparing for second, third, fourth etc...child, and I always found the idea a little sad. Why do subsequent children get less fanfare?

Then I became pregnant with our second child.

This is Payne's room when I was 28 weeks pregnant:

This is Nugget's room, as I sit here 28 weeks pregnant:


Now I know that teeny spawn don't generally come home and sleep in their rooms right away, but it still somehow seems imperative that the room be prepared for them. I'm starting to feel seriously guilty about this.

BUT, BUT, you can see piled haphazardly on the bed there some girly bedding, and piled up on the dresser are some wooden cut outs that I'll eventually get around to sanding and painting in order to put up on the walls. Um, well, once we've disassembled the gigantic bed and figured out where the heck we're going to store it.

Seriously, we are SO unmotivated to prepare for this baby! Does this mean we're going to have like 5 photos of her entire first year (seemingly a curse for all younger siblings)? Will she go for a week without a name on her birth certificate?

(Rachel breathes into paper bag)

Ok, ok.... I am prepared for her in one way. Of course, this happens to be the most consumerist and shallow way to prepare for the birth of one's child.

Behold, the closet of Nugget:

Hem we see all outfits in newborn size left of the center partition, and in 0-3 size right of the partition.

And on the far right wall are all outfits sized 6 months and larger. Not pictured are the receiving blanket and girly sock collections, which are currently housed on the floor, waiting for a spot in the dresser.

So homegirl may sleep in a drawer lined with towels for her first few weeks, but she'll look smashing while she's at it! Feel free to nominate me for Mother of the Year any time.

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