Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter, and the quest for a good photo.

This was the first year I tried to really explain the Easter bunny, and Payne was totally excited.

Then he woke up and was confused as to why there wasn't a rabbit in the house or yeard. Oops. He enjoyed his basket regardless:

(he's rocking his freshly awakened puffy face here)

Genevieve preffered her brother's matchbox cars to her own basket.

Then we got dressed and went to church. I tried to get a photo like twelve times, but they were too busy embarrassing us during the service to pause for a photo.

This is the best I got, at lunch.

(It's not weird if they just coordinate. At least that's what I tell my husband)

I loooove this dress, and it's NOT from Babygap. Hurrah!

After naptime (and a wardrobe change. shut up.) we did an egg hunt, and it turned out really fun!

My mother in law made this dress. So cute!

"Now what we have here is a golden egg, more likely to contain a match box car instead of your garden variety jelly beans."

The best photo of the day:

"You put your left hand in,"

Then I decided I was going to get a picture of Dan with the kids, since we have exactly none.

And then...


I just...there are no words for the hilarity. Dan and I were laughing so hard we were crying when we looked at this. I kind of want to blow it up and put it on the wall so it can serve as the world's greatest conversation piece.

And then the home run:

Happy Easter!


  1. Love the kids, love the dresses, love my brother looking absolutely ridiculous. My only question is... were you wearing blue plaid as well? I'm picturing something very Dorothy-esqe from Wizard of Oz. Bonus points if you wore sparkly red shoes.

  2. Ha! I was in a pink t-shirt and jeans, unfortunately.

  3. Best. Family pic. Everrrr.

  4. Whoa -- I can comment now! *happy dance*