Saturday, April 14, 2012

My boy.

He is currently obsessed with his cowboy hat:

(It's not a home photo without an inside out dachshund ear)

He has taken an interest in "howping" around the house again:

He will NOT pose for a picture. Ever.

His language has really exploded recently. Some of his new favorite phrases are

1) I can't bewieve dis!

2) Dis is how we do it!

3) Oh God. (We're not too proud of this one. Whoops. He knows it's bad, but I think that's the allure.)

4) Yeah! My did it! My a big boy!

5) I eat all my food, so my gwow big and stwong!"

The other night, my Mom told him that she couldn't get up from her chair and he asked "Is your butt stuck?".

He was using an emery board as a pretend tongue depressor recently, and he asked my sister (who had just eaten a thin mint cookie) to open up. She obliged, and he said "Hmm. Well, dere's some poop in dere.". Ha! Poor Becca...

Last week he pointed at my stomach and said "Dat's your bewwy." and I agreed. Then he pointed at my chest and said "Dose are your milk makers". Aaaand now I'm worried that I've messed him up for life, since he hasn't seen me nurse a baby in four months and still remembers. But hey, it could be worse, right? Nobody said "Dose are dollar bihw holders"...

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