Saturday, April 7, 2012

I have a a dependency...

Perhaps you remember my post about a problem with Gymboree.

Well, I've developed another habit.

See, I loved the boy's collections at Gymboree. All of the bright colors and animal themes were a change of pace from the more typical sports themes all in grey or navy blue. However, the girls collections are similar; very bright and ....theme-ey. I'm quite confused by my reaction against them. Occasionally I find a piece or two I like, but for the most part I don't do a lot of Gymboree for Genevieve (a shame, since the concept is so very alliterative).

I have found Babygap. Oh dear, have I found it.

Babygap is evil.

Babygap is expensive.

Babygap is at the best of times 30% off and no more. Mayyyybe 40% if you want to buy for the following year. I cannot do this, as my baby appears to be an aspiring giantess (If I'm looking up at my 12 year old daughter ima be pissed).

But Lord, is it cute:


Our favorite zoo attire.

I dubbed this one "The Juliet shirt".

Babies are definitely cool enough to wear black.

Every girl deserves a corsage on her four month birth day!

Will any of us ever forget the pom pom ears? I think not.

There are tiny birdies on the print! My exact words while taking this picture were "Smile and I'll feeed youuuuu!"

Cherries and smocking. I die.

And folks, this is just a sampling of my stockpile. I'm sick. I'm very, very sick.

Oh! And that $50 limit for free shipping they do is soooo devious. OF COURSE I'll tack on that shirt that I was going to stalk until it went on sale. Spending $25 to save $7 totally makes sense...

I'm fairly certain Satan runs gap inc.

And no, Gap didn't pay me for this post. I'm just this sad of an individual.

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  1. Baby Gap is my evil, too.

    I just can't help myself.