Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good evening!

A message from your friendly neighborhood serial killer. (waving)

Ok, so not really, but it does sort of look like an intro scene for CSI or something.

My children have maimed me.

Since Genevieve was born and Payne started potty training I found myself having to wash my hands a truly insane number of times during the day. This resulted in some seriously bad dry skin on my hands. Like, cracking and sloughing off dry skin. And let me tell you, when the tips of your fingers crack and peel it is curse word inducingly painful. Alrightly, who wants some freshly grated parmesan served by yours truly?! (I kid, I kid...)

So I've been dealing with my leperosy (and wiggling my "freak hands" menacingly at Dan) for, oh, eight months or so and finally went back to the doctor this week. He prescribed a new cream and told me to layer Aquaphor (yes, the dreaded aquaphor) over it to keep it soaking in for longer.

So now I put the kids to bed, slather on my medicated lotion, goop over it with aquaphor, and slip into some rockin bright blue latex free gloves. Oh yeah. Then I hide in the corner and read for a couple of hours because Dan can't look at me without laughing.

Yet another example of the jet setting life of a parent to young children...

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