Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Patio dining is the savior of "single" Moms.

I love Spring.

I love Spring because the weather is mild enough for outside dining.

I love Spring because I can eat outside and enjoy a meal while my kid runs around like a wild animal and no one can say anything or shoot me dirty looks because outside is universally acknowledged to be the domain of children.

At least that's my running philosophy, and I'll ignore you if you indicate by look or snide comment that you disagree, fellow restaurant patrons. (muah ha ha..)

When I'm on my own with the kids I generally refuse to eat anywhere that doesn't have some sort of plastic monstrosity intended to allow my children to run amok, or a patio. I just can't handle keeping the two of them contained on my own. I have done it before, but I think I burn as many calories as I take in on those occasions. I prefer patios because then I can pretend to be a sort of adult while enjoying some food that didn't come out of a carton or paper wrapper AND not have to make my kids behave. Unfortunately outside dining is only possible during the Spring or the Fall here, so when it gets to be that time of year I get absolutely giddy.

AND it is now Spring! We have arrived!

We had the loveliest early lunch today. It wasn't too warm, we had an umbrella, there was a nice breeze, Payne ate well and then chased birds while I finished eating, and he was kind to his wee sister and made sure she was well supplied with snacks:

Its funny. I bet to outside observers the little snapshots of sibling affection are cute but totally normal looking, and to me they're one of the most rewarding things in my life at present. When two people that you made and would die to protect love each other, well, I've yet to experience any warm fuzzies that are warmer and fuzzier than that.

Yay for Spring!

Oh yeah, and I can consume alcohol this year! (fist pump)

Wait, that sounds bad. I don't drink when I'm out with them alone, it's just that my desire for adult beverages probably quadruples when the weather gets warm. Last year I was pregnant, and that kind of ruins part of the spring party for me.

Bring on the mojitos!

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