Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photos of note.

Girlie was "pacing" back and forth in front of this tub o' Cheerios like a large predatory rodent this morning.

A preppy cowboy accompanied me to the mall yesterday.

G got some new sneakers, since she insists on standing up in public places now. As you all know I was just devastated to have to go shop for some.

This was supposed to fit on the Fourth of July.  It fits now. Harumph. However, this may actually prove to be a gift in disguise, as she sort of looks like a clown in it.

We were in a waiting room the other day, and Genevieve suddenly discovered her Who Puff.  It was awesome because she got this "WTF?" look on her face (as seen above) and kept grabbing it and trying to yank it off of her head, as she does with her little clippy bows.  She was quite mystified as to why she couldn't get it off.  Rachel:1, G: 5, 674.

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