Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Sitter.

We just found out yesterday that Payne is going to have a baby sister. Hurrah! Naturally, after our last experience, we were a bit gun shy about finding out the sex, but we got some very convincing (or perhaps offensive?) pictures of girl parts.

So my Mom was watching Payne during the appointment, and I had this adorable (in my mind) idea to get him to tell her the sex of the baby when we went to pick him up.

We get there, I drag him outside and say "Let's tell Granny you're going to have a baby sister! When we go in, yell "Baby Sister!" at Granny, ok? Remember..."Baby sister!"". Payne looks psyched.

We re-enter the house, Payne looks at my Mom and says "Imgummarwarbumbrillumabababysitter..."

My Mom: (blink...blink)

Me: "Say it again buddy!"

Payne: " uninterpretable as English characters)babysitter."

My Mom: "Baby Sister?!"

Payne: (blink...blink)

Me: (feeling the need to save the moment) "Yes! Yaaaay!"

So yeah, not exactly what I had in mind. heh heh. I've been working with him about "Baby sister" ever since, and he'll definitely say it, but it always comes out "Baby sitter".

"Mine have baby sitter!" is just a little anticlimactic for me! Harumph.

And all of her ultrasound photos (besides the, um, personal one) look like this:

Isn't she adorable? (Nervous smile) I think i learned the hard way to request a face profile photo of a baby in-utero. The head on ones look a bit, how shall I say...terrifying.

Sorry Nugget! You're simply gorgeous to us anyway, and we already love you so much!


  1. Haha! Skeletor is what I call those pictures. Asher was like 23 weeks when we did his ultrasound and there were no freaky pictures but Gage was 18 weeks and they were all skeletal. *shivers*