Monday, March 14, 2011

My closeted obsession.

I might be addicted to matching Payne to Dan.

I'm not sure if this is hideously cheesy or not.

See, my conflict comes in because I pretty much run screaming from "Mommy and Me" looks for mothers and daughters. I'm assuming this is because little girls clothes are so very different from women's clothes. In order for a mother to successfully match her little girl, she inevitably ends up looking sort of like a cast member of Barney and Friends. And obviously you can't get clothes for little girls that match normal women's clothes. I mean, little Emma can't strut around the playground in her skinny jeans and stilettos....I hope.

But the beauty of men's and boys' clothing is that in many cases they're virtually identical! This seems to be the case with semi-formal clothing in particular. I may or may not wait until Dan is dressed for church some Sundays to see what he's chosen, just so I can try to replicate the polo shirt color or style of button down or whatever for Payne.

I tried to find Payne a pair of cowboy boots that matched Dan's, but couldn't get the color combo right. Very frustrating.

And then my newest thing (as illustrated above) was maybe spending a little too much on flip flops for a 2 year old, who has yet to fully grasp flip flop wearing technique, simply because they resemble Daddy's. And of course, as soon as I see Dan toss on his sandals, I pull out Payne's and hope people notice.

This may be an illness of sorts. If you ever see Dan in a t-shirt with a giant "Big Truck!" graphic on the stomach, please tell him to inform me I've simply gone too far.

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  1. What in the world were you doing up in the 5:00 hour? Crazy! Anyway I know what you mean. I don't actually try to buy clothes that match for my hubs and boys but sometimes if Ben is wearing green shirt and jeans I'll put the boys in green shirts and jeans. Some times though I do it on "accident." Muwahahaha!