Thursday, March 31, 2011

He fought McDonald's, and McDonald's won.

This is the face of a thoroughly knackered child.

(too bad the ketchup smear battle scars aren't visible in this picture)

Thank you gaggle of little boys who sucked my son into an inane and nonsensical game of bouncing off of play equipment only to fall over "dead" while giggling uncontrollably.

Thank you fast food for your oh so relaxing combination of fat and salt.

Thank you management for having Wi-Fi in a play area, so I could entertain myself for the nearly two hours I let Payne run like a wild animal through your carefully designed cage, er, I mean play room.

As I sit relaxing into the third hour of my not so great napper's nap, I can safely say:

McDonald's, you earned that nine dollars I spent in your establishment today. Bless you.

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