Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The boy loves his "Cocs".

Yes, you read that right.

(stares innocently)

What? Ohhhh, you're waiting for an explanation? I suppose I could oblige.

Payne was gifted some Crocs, of which I'm normally not a fan, but these are pretty cute as far as rubber gardening shoes go. I added them to his shoe lineup with the intention of occasional use.

Boy met Crocs. Boy put on Crocs himself. Boy fell in looooove.

He begs for them, his precious, precious "Cocs" (that's not embarrassing in public at all!). He loves to put them on, often backwards, which creates a charming duckling look. He loves to talk about them.

"MY NEW Cocs!....Cocs Mommy!.....Go get Cocs!"

All other shoes have been pushed by the wayside. I'll even hide the Crocs and try to pull out another pair for the day, and Payne just looks concerned and asks "I find Cocs?".

No really, he took a nap with them the other day.

This face says "Take them off and I cut someone...".

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