Thursday, September 8, 2011


This was an inspired choice. I think it'll start a new "Coniferous Head Wear" movement.

Oh, and that t-shirt is the. most. random. thing. A fairly realistic tiger wearing sunglasses? And a self esteem boosting little label for the kiddo there? Okaaaay. But the weird thing is I really love it and put it on him all the time. HE loves it because there's a tiger on it, which has been his favorite since we started taking him to the zoo. He asks to "See tigers? See wines? (lions)" constantly. He also likes to tell us there are "Tigers in da boodezz (bushes)" regularly, regardless of the presence of bushes...or tigers, at the time.

And an unconscious baby, you say? Incorrect! She is actually shutting her eyes and throwing her fists towards the heavens (or, um, the back of the couch) in pure rapture at the prospect of wearing itty bitty dragonflies for the rest of the day. Yep.

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