Monday, September 12, 2011

I posted this morning.

About 14 hours ago. Man, it feels like three days ago. Heh.

Some interesting thoughts, in no particular order:

It miiiight be time to start contemplating potty training when one is changing one's son's diaper, pulls out three wipes, and is interrupted by the diaper changee pulling another wipe out of the package while spouting "My need FOUR wipes". Mathematical ability is probably lower down the list of life skills than, like, not pooping oneself.

Another baby outfit of the day (and an itty bitty yawn):

I'm quickly developing an obsession with tiny cardigans.

The Beaker hair is alive and well.

Actually, her hairline has receded, so now she looks even MORE like Beaker. I'm reeeaaally tempted to just put her in a lab coat and follow her around with a squeaker for Halloween, but I'm pretty sure she'd never forgive me.

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