Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Genevieve's two month photos...

When Payne was a baby I tried to get a good photo for every month of age during his first year, which I put in his baby book. I'm trying to do the same with Genevieve, but I always seem to have the time a couple of days early.

We went "offroad" for these photos. Wild, I know.

This one is my favorite.

And here is big brother. How is he almost three? HOW?!

This was a cute idea, which I screwed up. I wanted her lying in the grass, but was anxious about murderous fire ants, so I was all antsy to pick her up. In my hurry, I neglected to notice that I needed to cuff her overalls. We ended up with a lovely collection of pictures of what appears to be the world's cutest amputee.

Exhibit A:
I feel guilty laughing, but man...

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