Thursday, September 22, 2011

More classy front yard activities.

I wasn't ready to give up being anywhere but my own family room after dinner tonight, so I went and scored some crack (i.e. Chick Fil A milkshakes) for Payne and myself and decided we'd have a lovely impromptu front yard picnic. I am FUN damnit!

I grabbed a blanket and my camera once we got home:

"Ok, that last face you made in a desperate attempt to make me smile was sort of pitifully amusing"

"You so fuuuuunny!"

I LOVE little baby smiles. They make you feel like the countless hours you've spent feeding, burping, soothing a little screaming person, and wiping someone else's butt have been appreciated. She really cares! She really likes me! And then she looks past me and smiles at the ceiling fan. Poop.

He was trying to think of something to do...

The answer? Petty theft! I was feeding the baby and trying to keep him out of trouble, so I sent him to retrieve all of our neighbors old newspapers. He ate it up. Heh heh.

What a "simple" spur of the moment trip to the freaking yard with my two kids ends up looking like. As as a result, Payne's next "game" was to throw all of the garbage into the trash can in the garage, one piece at a time.

Then Genevieve blew out her diaper, so I changed the yard.

Then it became apparent that Payne had also done something pretty horrible to his own diaper. At this point I gave up and went in for the night.

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