Sunday, September 18, 2011

Payne's cutisms...

Said while driving in the car: "Mommy, you happy?". I answered yes, because how could I be anything but happy after that question?

The "s" sound has proven challenging, so he says things are "too mall" and he likes to find "dicks" (I know!) outside. He "mells" his clean sheets and tells me to "dop it!".

He likes to ask if we're making/doing/watching/playing "supping" (something).

He invents "pay (play) games" with random objects. For example, he armed himself as well as Dan with an oven mitt apiece and they proceeded to poke each other for the next thirty minutes.

He calls kids he finds to play with in public "my boy" or "my guwl", and runs up to them asking "you go pay wit me?". I wish I were so brave!

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