Saturday, September 10, 2011

I wish I had a photo...

Last night Payne played hard in my parents' backyard. Wildfire smoke be damned; it was too beautiful to stay inside! My parents have recently started putting out hummingbird feeders because the drought is apparently presenting a food shortage for the little guys; who knew? So now there is a veritable hummingbird nature preserve going on back there. The yard is swarming with pint sized birds, or "baby dirps" as Payne calls them.

So Payne got ahold of a butterfly net and was determined to catch a baby dirp. He was running around like a mad man yelling "Baby dirps I get you! My coming!". Of course, they were across the yard before he made three steps in their general direction. My poor weeblet got frustrated after awhile and sighed "Is too hard". He was looking a little teary, so I kindly offered up the resident dachshund as a sacrifice. I'm so mean. I tried to talk up "catching" leaves in the net first, but Payne remained unimpressed after a few swats at a less than fortunate fern. So I let him chase Hannah around for a little bit and then helped him put the net over her head for a second.

No dachshunds were harmed in the entertainment of my toddler. Scouts honor.

Meanwhile, Genevieve happily stared at the sky while looking fab in her BBOOTD (baby outfit of the day). Heh.

Black is the new pink, y'all.

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